CA Girl


 This shits epic.

CASTIEL`S WINGS THOUGH ON THE WALLS- usually hes our good natured angel, but that ‘in your face’ whipping out the feathers is kinda attractive like-DAYUM


Why does he have to be so adorable?  like seriously this is a serious question .-. 

It would take too long.


the dialogue in this movie was instrumental in shaping my sense of humor as a child, i swear.




This photoset was worth 600 photos of kittens.

he looks like he gives really good, solid hugs. not some “oh i have to hug you, here you go, done” kinda crap. he hugs you. love it.

how to hug 101

I will never not reblog this.
I love his smile when he hugs people. Love it.

Top of my bucket list.

I think this is why Chris Evans said that Tom’s nickname on the Avengers set was “Love Bug”

Tom during The Avengers Press Conference in Russia in 2012